Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chasing Art

On a recent visit to The Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff (near downtown Dallas) I stumbled on The Artisan's Collective an art gallery which features local Texas artists. This collection of mixed media sculpture by Dallas artist Chase Yarbrough made me swoon. For more on local Dallas art check out The Dallas Arts Aesthetic Crisis Center.


Grateful for Grace said...

Hi, there! I have been googling for images of memorial stones and came upon your blog. I was wondering if the photos you used on May 8, 2006 your own or someone else's. I'd like to use them, but want to be sure they are not copyrighted. Thanks for your help!

Grateful for Grace

Karen Miedrich-Luo said...

No, they are not my own (I later chose to blog only my own photos when possible) but they are from the commons at Wikipedia

and my favorite:

I hope this helps.

Grateful for Grace said...

Thank you. I can't get to those links for some reason, but I've saved the images.