Friday, February 29, 2008

The journey begins

I just can't remember how it happened though I think it might have been a stamp. I made a card or two and then Allison gifted me with some ephemera and paper.

Over the summer I picked up pencils and began researching handmade paper. I visited a few art stores in Dallas, Houston, and Austin and picked up papers I liked. I bought a few more stamps and some ink. I discovered Stampington Magazines and made a few more cards.

Since I work next to a B&N, I would browse the mag rack over break: Somerset Studios and Cloth, Paper, Scissors (CPS) were great eye candy and I thought about making my own paper but I couldn't find an old blender. Instead, I made a triptych (based on an article in CPS-15) for Allison and discovered mixed media and collage.

Currently I am experimenting with everything I find interesting: reclaimed books turned into journals, paper, paint, gesso, pencil, wood, and stamps. Each experiment teaches me more about what I like. Stamping on paper is pretty, but I prefer handling things in 3D. I like big strokes with big brushes and sponges. I like hammering, and rubbing, and adjusting, and working with wire. I like making "mistakes" and incorporating them into the final product. I like using cast-off things and especially recycling paper, especially paper with paint or drawings on it. I used to throw away my girls' paper scraps. No more!

Oh, and I like working outside. I have a tiny cubbyhole closet for my supplies that happens to be next to my patio which overlooks a creek. Instead of working in my closet, which I intended, I end up pulling what I need onto the table outside while the girls play in the creek.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I couldn't wait to post on my new space and I'll tell you why. This is my spontaneous blog - the part of me that doesn't think before she acts. (See, I even have to refer to myself in second person when I say that.) This is the me that changes direction at a whim, follows rabbit trails, red herrings and paper trails, for no particular reason other than I like the color of the paper.

Stone Pillars is contemplative, more cerebral. I hereby dedicate Paper Trails to the whimsical, colorful, and spontaneous.