Friday, February 29, 2008

The journey begins

I just can't remember how it happened though I think it might have been a stamp. I made a card or two and then Allison gifted me with some ephemera and paper.

Over the summer I picked up pencils and began researching handmade paper. I visited a few art stores in Dallas, Houston, and Austin and picked up papers I liked. I bought a few more stamps and some ink. I discovered Stampington Magazines and made a few more cards.

Since I work next to a B&N, I would browse the mag rack over break: Somerset Studios and Cloth, Paper, Scissors (CPS) were great eye candy and I thought about making my own paper but I couldn't find an old blender. Instead, I made a triptych (based on an article in CPS-15) for Allison and discovered mixed media and collage.

Currently I am experimenting with everything I find interesting: reclaimed books turned into journals, paper, paint, gesso, pencil, wood, and stamps. Each experiment teaches me more about what I like. Stamping on paper is pretty, but I prefer handling things in 3D. I like big strokes with big brushes and sponges. I like hammering, and rubbing, and adjusting, and working with wire. I like making "mistakes" and incorporating them into the final product. I like using cast-off things and especially recycling paper, especially paper with paint or drawings on it. I used to throw away my girls' paper scraps. No more!

Oh, and I like working outside. I have a tiny cubbyhole closet for my supplies that happens to be next to my patio which overlooks a creek. Instead of working in my closet, which I intended, I end up pulling what I need onto the table outside while the girls play in the creek.


plastecine said...

very nice

so much going on, in awe, in awe

will you be taking the 'art' workshoppe at glonne?

if soh......

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