Friday, June 12, 2009

The Three R's of Ars

Remember "Keep America Beautiful" and "Don't Mess with Texas?" Remember the poster contests we entered in school for the best slogans and ad art? My kids' generation has a new slogan: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. (I might have added replenish or replant, but they didn't consult me.) And with the new slogan came a new art twist: Recycled Art Contests.

Hannah and Bethany entered the contest this Spring and during the last week of school the students from each grade got their commendations. Once again, Bethany's art won first in the entire Kinder class and once again, Hannah came in second for the second grade. They got an awesome olympic-sized medal and lots of kudos from the principal. I got the joy of helping them travel from brainstorming ideas and materials to sketching out their ideas and making them reality. I do love the process and environment of making art coupled with envisioning potential beauty in discarded stuff. There is so much of God in that.

"Sunset to Moonlight" by Bethany Luo: milk jug, paper, fabric, tree bark, stick, plastic bag, found objects

"Recycled Hannah Montana" by Hannah Luo: water bottle, cardboard, fabric, yellow pad remnant, cork, pencil, rubber band


Leah said...

Yay for your girls! Hehe, yes, I remember those poster contest. I won a State award in 7th grade for an anti-litter poster with the slogan, "Can It." Hehe.

Maia said...

Beautiful creative work.
Congrats to the girls.

allison said...

Just look what you've imparted to your girls! Yeah Hannah and Bethany! xo

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Beautiful work and a fab theme for them to explore. Congratulations to your girls!

Marinell said...

I love seeing creativity in children! So many are dependant on being plugged into some device to function. What a great gift, congratulations! xo Marinell